CNC SWISS MACHINING CASE STUDY: Automobile 11 Degree Connector Project 

The Challenge

Our CNC Swiss machining case study involved an automotive components company who was seeking a manufacturer to make a product that could be machined as one complete part and in one operation. At the time the part was manufactured in the following five operations:

  • Turning blank of part
  • Two secondary milling operations (milling flats and milling 11-degree diameter on the face of the part)
  • Two brazing operations of the two components before final assembly

 The Solution

After collaborating with our customer’s engineers, we devised a two-part operation process to develop and prototype one part while eliminating conventional secondary machining.  New process:

  • Developed a unique milling holder held at an 11 degree angle
  • Utilized a form tool to mill the diameter on the face of the part

The Results

  • Cost- By eliminating secondary machining, the new cost was reduced by 39%.
  • Time – Original cycle time on the part was 8 minutes 23 seconds per piece. Together with the new changes and engineering support of our customer, the cycle time was reduced to 3 minutes 10 seconds per piece.
  • Savings –  The direct savings over the course of this project was $362,790.
Project Details
CostSaved 39% per part
Time SavingsReduced to 3 min. 10 sec. (62% reduction)
EquipmentCincom A32
Overall Part Dimension.600" Length, .866" Diameter
Overall Tolerance of Part+/- .0004"
Material7/8 304 Stainless Steel ROHS/Defars Compliant
IndustryAutomotive (Fuel Rail Systems)
In-process InspectionRam Optical, Micrometers, Deltronic Gage Pins,Thread Gages
Manufacturing SpecificationsPer Customer Drawing
Original Cycle Time8 Minutes 23 Seconds
Improved Cycle Time3 Minutes 10 Seconds
Original Lead Time6-8 Weeks
Current Lead Time3-4 Weeks

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