Final inspection is a vital footprint in our quality procedure process.  Our CNC Swiss machining inspection process includes up to date inspection equipment coupled with excellent training for equipment usage and knowledge of quality standards. Our machines test all necessary part dimensions and tolerances as well as ensure that the metal sustains functionality qualities for its intended purpose, such as maintaining conductivity, resisting corrosion and withstanding the elements. For this reason, we have centrifugal electro-magnetic deburring systems and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning systems for clean, residue free components.

Additionally, we promote employee collaboration and suggestions throughout each phase of production to modify any process if necessary to achieve excellent final results and maintain our ISO 9001:2015 Certification. A visit to our clean facility echoes our high standards that are reflective in the final product.

CNC Swiss Machining Services

CNC Swiss Machining Inspection Equipment

  • Micro-Vu-Video Optics– fully programmable/automated; a highly sophisticated machine using digital high resolution
  • Starret HB350 Comparator w/ Quadra check 2000– measures 2D features including diameter, radius, angle, lines and point
  • Mitutoyo Surface Tester-SJ400– tests surface roughness parameters
  • Micrometers
  • Thread Gages-Ring/Plug
  • Deltronic Pin Gages
  • Bore Gages

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