The CNC Swiss Machining Process

 Step-By-Step CNC Swiss Machining Process of Custom Precision Parts From AME Swiss Machining



We Program The Part’s Dimensions Into The Machine

Following collaboration with your engineer, we find solutions to align your part’s design and measurements with our capabilities. The goal is to develop an accurate and efficient production process with minimal operations. The part’s dimensions are programmed into the machine’s Computer Numerical Control (CNC).


The Tools Cut Into The Metal Bar Stock

The metal bar stock automatically moves along on guide bushings and is turned and cut with tools to achieve the desired results. The CAM software controls movement, speed, and point of contact with the tools to maximize precision.  


A First Piece Inspection Occurs

A first piece inspection occurs during production to retain the part’s dimension and tolerances despite production variables such as temperature, pressure and chip load. Modifications are easily implemented if necessary without disrupting the whole manufacturing process. We use the Kanban delivery system to control order tracking and deadlines.  


Post-Production Inspections

Post-production evaluations occur to inspect surface, length, diameter and hole tolerances with state of the art inspection equipment.  


We Offer Value Added Services

We offer value added services such as anodizing, heat treating, passivation, laser marking, electropolishing and precious metal plating if requested.  


Parts Are Custom Packaged And Shipped

After final inspections and applications are complete, the parts are custom packaged and shipped. For added quality assurance and transparency we implement the PPAP approval process to document production processes and client feedback. Visit our quality page for a complete list of quality procedures  

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